Public Institutions

Wetrok for Municipalities, Counties, and Institutions in the Public Sector

Well-maintained infrastructures reflect positively on the public. We support cleaning crews working in the public sector with object-specific cleaning concepts and training courses.

Today, public service institutions and organisations are regarded as public service providers. Their customers and users want to be treated respectfully and wish to be greeted in a clean and hygienic environment.

With Wetrok as your partner, you will benefit from our many years of experience in the development of cleaning concepts for municipalities, counties, and public service organisations: Our cleaning experts develop efficient and tailor-made cleaning solutions that are as varied as their areas of application – offices, public service halls, schools, universities and museums.

Object-specific training courses for cleaning crews provided by Wetrok Academy ensure the correct application of cleaning methods that have in part been developed specifically for the object.

Maintenance of dirt-trapping mats

Reduction the amount of dirt coming in from outside, since dirt has to get in before it needs to be removed. Clean dirt-trapping zones in the entrance areas significantly reduce the amount of dirt in the building.

Sweeping / Vacuum sweeping

Removal of loose, dry dirt using mechanical means from hard floor coverings in outdoor areas or from textile floor coverings indoors

Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Removal of dry, loose dirt using mechanical means from textile or non-textile floor coverings.

Use brush vacuum cleaning for highly textured floor coverings.


Medium area performance: 200 m2/h Protection and care, by applying a wear layer, of floor coverings not harmed by water. Facilitates maintenance cleaning. Choose the right product for the floor covering.