The high cleanliness requirements and hygiene standards in the healthcare sector leave no room for compromise. On the other hand cleaning processes must be fast and efficient. Our cleaning concepts for all types of organisations in the healthcare sector are characterised by excellent efficiency and outstanding economy. Every single process is aimed at preventing the spread of bacteria. A separate cleaning concept is developed for every group of rooms, matching the overall criteria of the facility.

Implementation is easy with the broad spectrum of Wetrok’s high-quality machinery, equipment, products, and consumables at your disposal. Our portfolio matches the specific requirements of the healthcare sector. One example of many is our range of innovative scrubber-driers with several performance categories to choose from. The machine was developed to generate as little noise as possible and is particularly agile, which means that their operation will not interfere with day-to-day operations. Our single use products, such as the Wetrok Quick & Clean cloths, satisfy the highest possible hygiene requirements.

Wetrok Academy offers courses for specialist knowledge in the areas of hygiene and disinfection. Our custom tuition courses on-site are ideal for building comprehensive knowledge and skills for the exact requirements of your operation.


Removal using mechanical means of loose dirt from smooth to slightly textured floor coverings – without dispersing dust. The floor covering remains dry.

Scrub drying

Automatic removal of adhesive dirt from water-resistant floor coverings using machinery and mechanical/chemical means. The floor is dry.


Application of disinfectant to surfaces in order to kill pathogenic and harmful microorganisms

Follow the instructions relating to dosage and contact time!